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Current Gallery Exhibits

Resolving Fields:
The 8th Annual Bennington Printmakers Show

A Bennington College Event
Opening Reception, Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014. 7:00 - 8:30pm in the Gallery

VAE is honored to host “Resolving Fields: The 8th Annual Bennington Printmakers Show”. The show opens in the gallery at 7 pm, closing for the evening at 8:30 pm and continuing during VAE business hours until January 16th.

Using a variety of print media including intaglio, woodcut relief, lithography, silkscreen, books, and mixed media installation students of faculty member Thorsten Dennerline, executed projects of their own design. Mounting final work as a group show in a public community venue both reinforces the community spirit and collaborative nature of printmaking. Selected works are for sale and a price list is available. The print show is free and open to the public.

Live Music after the reception with Hillary Chase (and her band) on the Basement Stage.

Bennington Printmakers Show


On exhibit at the Mill Gallery is Cambridge, NY artist, Stephen Alcorn displaying his relief block prints of Modern Music Masters. These beautiful prints pay homage to the men and women who bridged the gaps between tradition and innovation, craft and genius, music and poetry, composition and improvisation, black and white.

Steven Brower, in PRINT magazine, wrote, "The result of a quarter-century of experimentation with relief-block printmaking, the series is in many ways as inspirational as the music it celebrates."

Alcorn Billy Holiday Woody Gutherie

Previous Gallery Exhibits

Self-Portrait Photography Event

Opening Reception, Sunday, August 17th, 2014. 4pm

On Saturday, August 16th, Sophie Paris and Jay Paris will return to North Bennington to photograph a day in the life of the village through self portraits. The next day, Sunday, August 17th at 4:00 PM, a reception featuring thirty black and white prints from the previous day’s shoot will be on display. This year’s event and reception marks the third time that the father/daughter photography team has documented life in North Bennington, returning every seven years to capture the spirit of its residents. This year’s exhibit also will feature images from their previous shoots, portraying the subtle changes that occur in an evolving Vermont community. The reception and show are open to the public.

Sophie Paris is a former United Nations photographer who has worked extensively in Haiti. She currently teaches photography at Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT. Jay Paris is a former magazine photojournalist and editor who has worked for Time/Life and numerous other national publications. He lives in Cambridge, MA and currently oversees Youth Link, a prevention initiative operating in 15 cities for the North American Family Institute.

More from Jay and Sophie

Jay and Sophie Paris

Matthew Marks

Opening Reception, Friday, July 25th, 2014. 5-7pm

There is a body of work by local artist Mark Matthews, in progress now, on the walls of the Mill Gallery at VAE. We will be hosting an opening in June, but if you happen to come in for the Heather Maloney show this weekend, you'll get a sneak peak of Mark's work in progress.

Mark was born 1980 in NYC. He has been devoted to making art since his youth. He concentrates on sketchbooks while rotating projects through sculpture, large abstract painting, printmaking, and installation.

He attended Pratt Institute 1998-1999, but no more. He instead found solace studying art through travel journals. He traveled solo with a sketchbook across Europe from Portugal to Turkey, 2000.

He spent the greater part of the next decade selling originals, and prints on the streets of Manhattan.

He now lives in Eagle Bridge, NY with his wife, and two young sons. He has worked locally as a screenprinter, and now as a youth outreach worker for United Counseling Services of Bennington.

Check out the article in the Bennington Banner Arts Section

Matthew Marks

Retro Gamers

Mural and Paintings by the girls from the Bennington School
Art Opening: June 11th 12-3, at the Gamers Grotto

The Vermont Arts Exchange and the Gamers Grotta paired up to create a unique gallery opening and fundraising event happening Wednesday, June 11th, from 12 - 3pm at the Gamers Grotto in Bennington Vermont.

The girls and the support staff from the Bennington School have been working hard creating fantastic paintings, depicting scenes familiar to all the old-school gamers out there.

Starting at 3pm the Retro Video Game tournament will begin. $1 to play, 6 games for $5.

Come out, support the VAE and have a blast!

Gamers Grotto

Spacing Out

7th Annual Bennington College Printmaking Show
Opening on Wednesday, December 4th, 2013.

Featuring work by: Christina Cary, Zoe Elston, Tobias Murphy, and Genya Rocca-Owodunni

Printmaking Show

Happy Campers 2013

On Display at the Vermont Arts Exchange through September 2013

This summer, VAE hosted over 150 campers in more than 20 camps, featuring time-honored classics, like Water Arts, Open Studio, and Clay Camps, and introducing some new adventures like Fort, Upcycled, and 3-D Art Camps.

Head Start Photo Exhibit

The Bennington Head Start Photo Project

On Display at the Vermont Arts Exchange through July 2013

The Bennington Head Start Photography Project began with 93 children being exposed to photography. They looked at black & white and color photographs and different types of cameras. We created cardboard camera viewers to study the composition and balance of a good photo. Frames were painted and decorated for a final favorite photo. We then sent 93 students off, each with their own disposable camera.

What was produced?
2241 prints, 196 prints displayed, 84 framed pictures, 4 trips to classrooms, 93 students, 1 Exhibit.

Photos on display at the Vermont Arts Exchange through the end of July.

Head Start Photo Exhibit

Backstage at the Rainbow Cattle Co.

Opening Celebration, February 23,2013

The Drag Queens of Dummerston, Vermont grew out of a two-year project during which photographer Evie Lovett passed many hours backstage at the Rainbow Cattle Co., a gay bar on a rural strip of Route 5 in Dummerston, Vermont, just north of Brattleboro.

Once a month at the Rainbow Cattle Co., Miss Kitty Rawhide, Miss Candi Schtick, Miss Sophia Penelope Precious, Miss Mercedes Roulette and Miss Mama Mayhem transformed from their everyday lives as nurse, C&S executive, Vermont Yankee manager, Target employee and became glamorous, glittering drag queens for a night of performance.

For Evie the photographic project was personally transformative: “Ultimately, I came to deeply respect these men (and one woman) for being in touch with who they are. Drag for them is a means to explore creativity and a sense of fun. Knowing them has prompted me to ask myself: how do I let my hair down?”.

Backstage at the Rainbow Cattle Co. has toured to Boston, New York, Phnom Penh (as part of Cambodia’s fifth Gay Pride Week) and Cape Cod.The current exhibition was organized by the Vermont Folklife Center and incorporates audio from interviews of the five main members of the troupe conducted by Evie Lovett and Greg Sharrow of the Vermont Folklife Center.

Backstage at the Rainbow Cattle Club

Animation Film Screening

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Join the Summer Animation Camp students as they premier their animation film at VAE’s Sage Street Mill.
The film begins at 7 pm in the Basement.

Ranging in age from 8 to 18, the young artists explored stop-motion animation techniques using a variety of materials and styles. The evening will feature fresh popped popcorn to accompany the screening. Join us in our celebration!

Animation Screening

Fall Fling!

Friday, November 9, 2012
Dinner, art and libations, 6pm
Grupo los Santos, featuring Rumba tapper Max Pollak, 8pm (doors open, 7:30pm) Order tickets online

Please join us for an evening filled with great food, art, music and friends. All proceeds from this event will support the arts programming that VAE provides for our community.

The evening will begin with a dinner made by a team of North Bennington culinary artisans, plus a great silent auction, and special opening of Annual Group Show and Sale of area artists. At 8:00 pm, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian roots jazz will take the Basement stage with Grupo los Santos featuring Max Pollak, Rumba tapper (a melding of Afro-Cuban music and dance, American jazz, body percussion, and tap dance).

Tickets are $60 per person, including dinner and drinks pre show, beginning at 6pm. Tickets to the concert only are $30, doors will open at 7:30pm. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase. Visit, or send a check to reserve your tickets: VAE, P.O. Box 725, North Bennington, Vermont 05257

(The public exhibition of the VAE Artist Group show will be open daily, with special weekend hours, following the opening).

Grupos Los Santos

Mind Maps: Recent work from the Vermont Veterans' Home

Opening: Thursday, September 27th, 5 - 7pm

The show features works from students of the past year. This exhibition marks the first time that work from this program has been shown in the Sage Street Mill. The work will travel to the Vermont Veterans’ Home for an exhibition scheduled to open Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

VAE Instructor Lindsey Anderson, who has worked for the program since 2009, says, "The students don't always recognize where they are, much less the consistency in their own work from week to week, but they are often able to access and represent memories through the process of making. As an outsider, it's a beautiful thing to watch—the ebb and flow of their minds begins to map itself, a process that shows in their work, and becomes a refined imagery. They are able to live in the moment in a way that allows for an honesty that most of us aren’t able to access."

The Vermont Veteran's Home has been in partnership with VAE for over fifteen years, the expressive arts program working primarily with residents with dementia. Art classes are taught onsite weekly, open to all residents. VAE Instructor Claire Fox says, "Our students are a mixture of experienced and first-time artists. Discovering art at their age can be an unexpected gift. The class is about fun, exploration of materials, and discovery."

Mind Map

Leo Yucht Quartet

Saturday, August 25th at 8 p.m.
$10 adults, $5 students. Tickets available by call VAE at 442-5549

Featuring: Elyas O’Classen - Bass
Isaac Roberts - Trumpet
Chris Keyes - Marimba

Come out and hear one of Vermont’s finest up-and-coming jazz combos, playing a wide range of jazz, from classic standards to contemporary originals.

For more tickets call 802-442-5549.. Vermont Arts Exchange is an accessible facility; please contact VAE with any requests for, or questions about, special-needs accommodations.

Leo Yucht Quartet

Traci Molloy presents: 'There you will always be'

Opening Reception:Vermont Arts Exchange's Mill Gallery on Saturday, August 18, from 6 to 8 p.m.

At the heart of "There You Will Always Be" is a series of six large (30"x42" up to 40"x90"), unframed images from Molloy's evocative "White Dandelion" series. Other recent work is also on view.

"'White Dandelions' deals with the passing of time, loss and death," says Molloy in her artist's statement. The multi-layered images start with grainy black-and-white, snapshot-like photos that "conjure up memories of delight, moments of adolescent joy frozen in time… teenagers mug for the camera, blowing kisses and displaying affection."

However, the background photos are relics of happier times. Layered atop is text (days, numbers, minutes or dates), indicating excessive amounts of time meticulously counted out. "In some images, the surface is physically altered by the removal of pieces, holes extracted from the photo mimicking the lost bits of memory captured by the passing of time," Molloy explains. "As the viewer approaches the images, the figures slip from focus and fade into the background. This visual dissolution echoes the mental erosion process that occurs over time after the death of a loved one…. This process is essentially the ‘second death,' the moment when the ability to recall the deceased individual's voice, their scent, and finally, the way they looked, is lost. The somber digital prints are lonely meditations on time and death."

Molloy, whose work has been seen in more than 140 exhibitions across the country and abroad, has not exhibited in the region for more than 15 years. "There You Will Always Be," she explains, is a profoundly personal show reflective of her experiences in the area and presented for the community of Bennington. The underlying photos of the "White Dandelions" images were taken during her tenure working and coaching at Mount Anthony Union High School (1992-94).

"There You Will Always Be" is on view through September 22. For more information about Traci Molloy and her work, visit

The show's opening reception at VAE coincides with another, related homecoming that same weekend — the alumni celebration of the 25th anniversary of women's soccer at Mount Anthony Union High School and the Blue Lollipop Road/Strong Mojo Weekend. A highlight of the weekend is a "Play it Forward" alumni soccer game at Howard Park on August 18, at 1 pm. For information, visit

For more information about exhibitions, events, classes and workshops at Vermont Arts Exchange, please call 802-442-5549 or visit Vermont Arts Exchange is an accessible facility; please contact VAE with any requests for, or questions about, special-needs accommodations.

Traci Molloy


Exhibition on view through August 2012
Mill Gallery, VAE's Sage Street Mill

Baltimore and North Bennington painter Mark Barry brings his vibrant paintings to Vermont Arts Exchange’s Mill Gallery in a new exhibition, “Mark Barry: The Return of the Prodigal Son and Other Tales.” The show opens with a reception at VAE on Thursday, June 14, 5-8 pm, and is on view through August 13, 2012.

The show features oil paintings of varying sizes, as well as prints. Among Barry’s many themes are jazz musicians at play (inspired and enlivened by the jazz he listens to as he paints) and jubilant family gatherings at the artist’s home. VAE Director Matthew Perry says, “His work is wonderfully accessible in terms of subject. He celebrates life from its grand to its littlest moments, all with astounding color and movement.”

Mark Barry was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1955. He received his B.F.A. from the Swain School of Design (now University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth) in 1981, and studied on the graduate level at Brooklyn College and Johns Hopkins University. He has exhibited his oil paintings, painted ceramics and etchings in venues across the country since 1981. His work is in the collection of the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Baltimore Sun and numerous corporate and private collections. Barry is also a contributing writer for ionarts, a blog for music, arts and literature.

For more information about Mark Barry, visit

Painting: “The Return of the Prodigal One,” oil on canvas, 42” x 36”

Mark Barry

Previous Events and Exhibits

The Tribe of Ives presents: Scenes from All In The Timing, by David Ives

Wednesday, July 18th and Thursday, July 19th both at 8:00pm.
In the Basement at VAE's Sage Street Mill

These four, ten minute comedic scenes range in theme from 3 monkeys trying to type hamlet, to two lovers never able to say the right thing, to a breakdown of the human language as it is used in awkward social encounters. Each play is lighthearted and entertaining. The writing is intelligent and witty. David Ives is one of our great living playwrights. The show will be an hour long. The first 10-15 minutes will be live music, followed by the presentation of the 4 scenes. Between each scene will be a short musical number.

"Tribe of Ives" is the name of a group of thespians that are made up of 10 Bennington College students. The Tribe of Ives are spending the summer in North Bennington and collaborate creatively and explore theater as a collective with an interest in offering art to the community and being an active participant here. 

Tribe of Ives


An exhibition by seven advanced printmaking students from Bennington College

Wednesday, Nov 30 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Exhibition on view through February 25, 2012
Mill Gallery, VAE's Sage Street Mill

In Bennington College's Advanced Printmaking course, taught by faculty member Thorsten Dennerline, students Rebeca Baudille '12 Hannah Callahan '12, Elliot Cash '13, Farhad Mirza '12, Ellen Bogen '12, Amelia Vottero '12 and Lauren Hamilton '12 proposed and executed projects oftheir own design.

Working in a basic structure of critiques and discussions, the students focused in on a variety of printing techniques and ways of handling materials to execute their ideas. The work featured includes photopolymer intaglio, wood cuts, screenprints, artist books, handmade paper and copper plate etchings.

Mounting the final prints as a group show in a community venue both reinforces the community spirit and collaboration of printmaking, in which artists share a printshop and equipment, and often ideas and techniques. It also offers an important challenge to the student artists.

"It's part of my teaching philosophy," Dennerline says. "The students benefit a great deal from interacting with the world outside the campus. You give them this real-world, hands-on opportunity that helps build up their confidence as artists, and it gives them the chance to engage with the outside community. It's a nice way to start a conversation between the academic community and the real world."

He adds, "From a teaching standpoint, it broadens their audience and makes them work harder ó there's more pressure, more people seeing it."

It's also a lesson in organizing a group show in a not-for-profit space, an invaluable experience as the students continue their career as artists. In addition to creating the work and curating the show, they have created artist statements, determined price lists for the work available for sale and helped publicize the exhibit.

Photo 2: Lauren Hamilton, Bennington College senior, Advanced Printmaking student
Photo 1: Elliot Cash, Bennington College junior, Advanced Printmaking student

Lauren HamiltonElliot Cash

18th Annual North Bennington Halloween Parade

Monday, October 31st, 3:30pm

Join the festivities as hundreds of children, artists, doctors, musicians, bankers, bellydancers, drummers, lawyers, teachers, friends and neighbors dress up and promenade through town, accompanied by music, dancing, and large sculptural costumes.

Participants gather at VAE, located at the Sage Street Mill, at 3 p.m. before meandering down Sage Street, through the village of North Bennington and back to the mill for cider, doughnuts, and a blazing bonfire. Revelers of all ages are invited to compete in a Halloween Costume Contest, with prizes awarded to adults and youngsters for imaginative ensembles! All activities are free and open to the public.

Arial shot of ParadeDead Dylan

The Public Performance of: Lena's Scissors

A new play for ALL ages (esp. children and adults), written, directed, and performed by Bennington College students!

Friday 10/7/11: 7:00 p.m. at the Basement Stage, Vermont Arts Exchange.

About the Play: A girl has the power to cut off peoples' BANGS and turn them into ANIMALS! What happens when she grows up and owns a world-famous hair salon?

All performances are FREE, OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and run 45 MINUTES!

Final performance will be Sunday 10/9/11: 6 p.m. at the South Street Cafe in Bennington Vt.

Lena's Scissors

STATES/PLACES: The Fifth Annual Bennington Printmakers Show

An exhibition by eight advanced printmaking students from Bennington College.

Mill Gallery. December 1st to February 25th, 2011.

Students: Fennis S. Brown, Jane L. Bryant, Ian Dolton-Thornton, Emma S. Harden, Roxanne Igolen, Shehrezad Maher, Madeleine Parks and Margaret Zayer proposed and executed projects of their own design. Working in a basic structure of critiques and discussions, students focused in on a variety of printing techniques and ways of handling materials to execute their ideas. Some the work featured will include stone lithographs, photopolymer gravure, unique, 3-d and mixed media prints, and copper plate etchings.


Husk / Hive
Bennington College Alumna Exhibit New Work

Recent Bennington College graduates and local artists Tess Meyer '08 and Lisa Dietrich '07 exhibit a new collection of their work, "husk / hive," at Vermont Arts Exchange's Mill Gallery

Dietrich's print- and photography-based work combines content from a cache of old family photographs with screen print and textile-sculpture elements using felt, beeswax and gold leaf to describe warmth, connectedness, collaboration and preciousness.

Meyer's drawings and installation-based sculptures are born from an investigation of her own perceptual habits, ruts and the tendency to disregard the familiar. The work is constructed from recycled materials such as shredded paper, push pins, string and thread.

Husk / HiveHusk / Hive

The Lottery

Saturday, October 9th at 6:00pm at the Vermont Arts Exchange, Sage Street Mill. Suggested Donation: $10.

"The Lottery" is a live performance piece, based on the short story by Shirley Jackson. Join in while the townsfolk gather, as they have for years, to attend the traditional lottery. A bake sale, live music, and classic fair games are all part of the experience. Inevitably, things take a dark turn... This material may not be suitable for children under 11. Featuring musicians Barry Hyman and Nathan Knowles. Produced and directed by Wendy Bordwell. The Lottery has been performed recently at Hubbard Hall, the Georgi Museum, Salem Art Works, Bennington College and Pompanuck Farm. This special, final performance in North Bennington where the author created this work.

The production features musicians Barry Hyman and Nathan Knowles, providing live music that accompanies The Lottery.

The Lottery

Atwood Artists Group Annual Exhibit

March 4 thru summer 2010. VAE BASEMENT GALLERY

This exhibit, presented in partnership with United Counseling Service of Bennington County (UCS) , exhibits the visual art of 12 adults who work weekly in VAE's art studios through UCS's day service program. These untrained artists have found their own individual style and manner of working that best suits their creative expression. The work in this annual exhibit includes drawings, paintings, mosaic tile artwork and sculpture.


Universal Health Care

An exhibition of work by seven advanced printmaking students from Bennington College, VAEÌs Mill Gallery at the Sage Street Mill from Saturday, November 28 through the end of February.

The students in Bennington College's Advanced Printmaking course - Fennis Brown, Margaret Zayer, Natalie Kent, Sarah Kelly, Genevieve Senchyna, Will Moss, and Elizabeth Bennett Û proposed and executed projects of their own design. Working in a basic structure of critiques and discussions, the group focused in on a variety of printing techniques and ways of handling materials to execute their ideas. The featured artwork includes stone lithographs, photopolymer gravure, screen-printed wallpaper, T-shirts, books, unique 3D and mixed media prints, and copper plate etchings.
For information about Bennington College classes, visit



Mill Gallery March 7 - July 7, 2009

Opening Reception Saturday, March 7th 5:30 - 7:30pm Sage Street Mill, North Bennington, VT prior to musical performance by To Be featuring Philip Wofford.

To Be paintings


Please visit the new exhibit of music and visual, literary and media artworks created by VVH residents living with dementia, "The Healing Arts: New Pathways to Health."

At the Vermont Veterans' Home Multi Crispe Room,
325 North Street Bennington, VT.

The seven-year partnership between VAE and the Vermont Veterans' Home allows the healthcare facility and the Vermont Arts Exchange to offer arts and healing programs to residents and caregivers through hands-on staff trainings, a Caring For Caregivers program, an on-site visual arts studio and guest artist residencies. The partnership had its start with the Dementia Program and created a significant impact on the residents' quality of life - reaching residents with advanced dementia who can otherwise be difficult to connect with.

glazed ceramic tiles by Veteran Rose Marie Sponhauer


We are pleased to announce that the "The Healing Arts: New Pathways to Health" (2007) a documentary film, directed by Benjamin Mayer and produced by the Vermont Arts Exchange and the Massachusetts Cultural Council - was honored in October 2008 at the annual FOCUS Film Festival held at the California State University campus. The film took "Best of Festival" and the Audience Choice awards.

The 28-minute film highlights the inspirational work created by artists and patients involved in the New Pathways to Health and Community, a regional partnership program of VAE, participating healthcare sites and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Told in three segments, the film shows how the artists and staff utilize the arts as an innovative treatment approach for people living with chronic, disabling physical and emotional challenges.

For more information on the healing arts program please visit

DVD cover

WORKSHOP with RUMI and the Persian Mystical Philosophies

Expressed through his poems by Haale Gafori

Saturday, May 9th 10:30am - 12:00pm Sage Street Mill North Bennington, VT. Haale's musical performnce will begin at 8:00pm the same night!

$20 per person, $15 students. Call 802-442-5549 to register.

Rumi has been the best-selling poet in America for more than a decade. His mass appeal can be attributed not only to the brilliance and beauty of his poetry but also to the power and relevance of his message. Rumi's poetry explores themes of human evolution and transformation, particularly the journey from states of fear and anxiety towards love and unity. Rumi's poetry comes as a salve, a joyful and intelligent exploration of the possibility of emotional growth and transformation. Haale will read poems by Rumi, in English as well as in Persian, so that students can hear the rhythm and rhyme of the poems in the original language. She will discuss the mystical philosophies prevalent in his work, and also perform musical pieces that incorporate his words so that students can hear Rumi's words in a musical context.


Ink, Paper, Press

Ink, Paper, Press, an exhibition by seven advanced printmaking students from Bennington College, with an opening reception on Wednesday, December 3rd from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Mill Gallery. The exhibit will run through February.

The eight young and promising artists will be presenting a diverse range of fine printed and constructed objects whose concerns reflect the relevant undercurrents of contemporary art. They have employed their common understanding of sophisticated printing technique to voice concerns ranging from our present economy to the graphic work of Goya, Callot and Rembrandt.

Printmakers Dorothy Allen, Zoe Chevat, Drew Gold, Elizabeth Melsheimer, Andrew Murdoch, Margaret Rizzio, Selome Samuel, and Todd V.A. will exhibit their recent works in monoprint, book art, intaglio, gravure, serigraphy, and lithography. A price list will be available.